GUILT – “Bardstown Ugly Box” LP


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Tan marble vinyl (Deathwish exclusive, 100 copies). 2024

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Guilt – “Bardstown Ugly Box” LP & 7″ EP

The 1990s hardcore band from Louisville, Kentucky, that evolved from the band Stepdown, and always with close membership ties to Endpoint. A unique band from the mid 90’s era, Guilt drew together different strands of what was happening in the underground/hardcore scene of the day, and although they were not fully recognised at the time, this re-issue serves as testament to the fact that Guilt were on to something that has stood the test of time remarkably well. Victory Records was becoming a bit and miss at this point in time, but this debut full-length, recorded under the studio guidance of Shellac’s Bob Weston in 1995, ranks alongside the label’s high points (Iceburn, Integrity, Snapcase, Deadguy etc.). Years ahead of its time, heavy and intense, fusing elements of noise, melody, metal, punk and indie (keep in mind Threadbare and At The Drive In were active a this point in time too). This 2024 reissue has been remixed by Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die), with the addition of two newly unearthed bonus tracks as a bonus 7″.

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