OVERCAST – “Fight Ambition To Kill” LP


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Purple vinyl. 2021

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Overcast – “Fight Ambition To Kill” LP

A limited-edition 12″ vinyl re-release for legendary Boston metalcore pioneers Overcast. The original album came out on Edison Records in 1997. This was the ‘metalcore’ of its day – taking the Clevo hardcore of Integrity and Ringworm a step further; and pre-empting the Hydra Head bands that waited around the corner of next-day (Keelhaul, Cave In, Botch etc.). I remember stocking it at the time of its release, but I honestly don’t remember it sounding as immense as this…  an LP that easily ranks alongside those by 108, Coalesce and Snapcase – essential bands who, with sheer force of power, pushed hardcore into new levels of metal-infused innovation.
All songs remastered and the album includes expanded artwork.

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