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Translucent green with black platter vinyl, with one-side etching, 500 copies. includes dowload. 2015

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Drug Church – “Swell” 12″ EP

“On Swell, Drug Church push their idiosyncratic blend of punk and alt to new heights of sick. Recorded with J. Robbins (every band, ever) in a big, professional studio, Swell delivers the biggest Drug Church sound to date. It’s pretty much the life-changer you assumed it would be.”

Smart-arse ranconteur and lifestyle guru Patrick Kindlon redirects his lyrical and vocal skills away from Self Defense Family and goes hardcore-shouty with Drug Church. And I prefer Drug Church to Self Defense… ’90s alt/hardcore rarely sounded this good back in the day. And never so clever-funny. For fans of Seaweed, Snapcase, Quicksand, Jawbox, etc.


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