fIREHOSE – “If’n” LP


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Firehose – “If’n” LP

The second fIREHOUSE album, released in 1987, a year after the abrupt end of San Pedro’s legendary Minutemen. Mike Watt and George Hurley were reunited once again by the super-enthusiastic ‘ed fROMOHIO’ who chose for himself the unenviable task of filling D. Boon’s role on vocals and guitar. When the stakes are that high I guess you’re going to be giving it 100%, and so anyone who was feeling the lose must have taken some solace when fIREHOUSE began recording and touring – sure they weren’t as amazing as Minutemen, but fIREHOUSE sure were amazing by comparison to any other band in mid 80’s America. Groovy alt rock for a skateboard generation.

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