WASTE MAN – “One Day It’ll All Be You” LP


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Black vinyl, 350 copies. 2021

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Waste Man – “One Day It’ll All Be You” LP

New sounds with old flavours with this debut album from New Orleans’ Waste Man. The label’s spiel has it down pretty accurately: “One Day It’ll All Be You is a complete shock to the system – it’s the classic punk/hardcore base strung out on a clothesline, then run through an absolute storm. A beautiful storm indeed, berthed from an appreciation for the left-of-center classics catalogued by SST circa ’84/’85 (Saccharine Trust, Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Flag) and worn through the unstable modern psyche.” A bratty spin on indie punk, given an Americanised hardcore boost, which then takes you somewhere much better, and smarter, and cooler. Meat Puppets meets Dope Body meets Les Savy Fav = I’ve scored myself a bag of happy.

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