BACCHAE – “Pleasure Vision” LP


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Electric blue vinyl. 2020

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Bacchae – “Pleasure Vision” LP

A new punk band from Washington DC, (but think indie-punk rather than hardcore punk), keep Priests, Earth Girls, White Lung, Girlsperm,  (Sleater Kinney, too) in mind and you’ll be in the right direction. Bacchae is pronounced ‘bock-eye’, watch out for them, I think they might become a big deal, because this is a captivating debut release… delving into emotional and introspective subjects, unafraid to pile-on the catchy pop hooks, almost to the extent of the 1980’s C86 brigade, while retaining a rebellious, stand well clear, edginess. It’s smart and it’s sassy,  without straying too far from a boiling point that threatens to burn. And distinctly washington DC. (You kind of have to marvel how Get Better Records managed to snag this one before Dischord got in there…?) J Robbins does the production, so the sound is bang-on.

Pleasure Vision by Bacchae

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