CRASS – “Feeding Of The 5000” LP


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Poster sleeve, includes download. 2019

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Crass – “Feeding Of The 5000” LP

So many thoughts, feelings and opinions coalesce around the legacy of Crass – the agitational, anti-authority, art ensemble of late 70’s Britain – that these 2019 reissues alone will no doubt be the cause of plenty of internet debate and protestation. Here’s the facts: a faithfull repoduction of theĀ  (“Second Sitting”) poster-sleeve version of this 18 track debut 12″ that was originaly self-released in 1981 (while the earlier version of 1979 was unleashed – in a conventional record sleeve – by Small Wonder Records). The first in a series of 2019 Crass LP reissues, entitled “as it was in the beginning” – all of which have been remastered from the original tapes, at the world famous Abbey Road Studios (in order to sound as close as possible to the sound of the original release).

The first recording released by Crass, Feeding of the 5000 includes all the trademark qualities for which they have become so reverentialy regarded ever since: the DIY approach to creating and releasing their multi-media projects; the confrontational, Ranter-like, lyrics and vocals; the skiffle/militaristic drum patterns, the bright, Can-influenced dual guitars with their choppy rythmns, and the jazz-styled basslines; and not least the amazing, pre-photoshop image-manipulation paintings of Gee Vaucher. Feeding… is distinct from their other records due to the (predominantly male) vocals of not just Steve Ignorant, but also bassist Pete Wright; and also for it’s rougher-edged, two fingers in the air, Sid-Snot punk attitude. And it makes for a sensible starting point for anyone who is (re)exploring the legacy of this influential, landmark punk band.

Feeding (old version) on youtube

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