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Includes folded insert. 2018

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“Raise Your Voice Joyce – Contemporary Shouts From Contemporary Voices” compilation LP

This collection is something of a conceptual project, with connections that go direct to Fucked Up, (who may or may-not have something to do with the instrumentation on each track), while vocal duties have been handed over to eight members of the DIY scene (mainly from the UK), each contributing one song apiece on a subject of radical history. A good compilation – if indeed compilation is what this project should be called (?) – is a rare treat. An educational one, even more so. Whatever, the music and the concept make this both timelessly great and one of the best LPs of 2018. Featuring members of Game, BB and The Blips, Nekra, Subdued, Good Throb, Arms Race, Sauna Youth, Terrible Feelings and more. These are expensive copies imported back from the US as they have long-since disappeared from the UK, so this is the only way to get hold of a copy in 2020.

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