GAME – “Legerdemain” LP


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Includes poster. 2021

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Game – “Legerdemain” LP

Following-up their 2019 full-length No One Wins, London’s Game continue to charge forth with a new mini album released in October 2021, six tracks of “early 80s UK steel given extra ferocity through the lens of Japanese hardcore punk”. Leaner and meaner than before, multiple tours around Europe and the US have obviously paid off in terms of concentrating and tightening their brand of metallic hardcore into a new power house of elemental rage. Burning Spirits taken-up several new levels, mixed with an essence old classic UK hardcore, and with an occasional interlude that hints at their Fucked Up connections. Complete with superb sleeve art that has been printed with an old school letterpress, with a lovely relief imbedded into the paper from the metal plates. There‚Äôs also a huge, poster-sized lyric insert.

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