AUTARCH – “The Light Escaping” LP


Profane Existence / Replenish / The Plague Of Man Records

Gold smokey (black) vinyl, with inserts and sticker. 2019

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Autarch – “The Light Escaping” LP

The second full-length from North Caroliner’s Autarch. 6 songs of cosmic influenced melodic heavines, (is this what we’re supposed to call neocrust these days?). Lower-volume post-rock moments contrast with the full-on roar of their blackened punk, it puts me in mind of Drain The Sky and Fall Of Efrafa, especially the drama and thematic influence (high up, in space – does that make them upper crust?… sorry…). The faster moments also remind me of Holy Mountain (minus the shredding), but all refreshingly updated. This is a welcome lease of new life for Profane Existence Records, I hope it continues…

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