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Yellow and black marbled vinyl (265 copies) includes fold out insert and poster. 2021

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Extinction Of Mankind – “Baptised In Shit” LP

A long overdue repress of the debut album from 1995 by the long-running Mancunian/Lancashire anarcho punks. Recorded at the Whitehouse Studios in Western Super Mare – a popular destination for UK bands to record back in those days, but the end results were a bit hit ‘n miss; maybe the recent remastering job helped-out with this album, because, by my recollection, this sounds bigger and brighter than first time around. I used to see these guys (from the original line-up) on a regular basis back in the 90s, good folk and dedicated supporters of the Northern DIY scene, (vocalist Ste, a big lad, almost single-handedly saved me from a very tricky situation when I was ‘dealing with’ two nazi skins. Eternal gratitude to the man). EOM defiantly carried the anarcho flag into the 1990s, continuing the sounds and spirit of Antisect and Icons Of Filth like true dedicated survivors (touch of Heresy/Ripcord in Massimo’s guitar riffing, too), it’s heart warming to know they are still appreciation and celebrated all thse dacasdes later.
Restored original artwork (by Squeal, Nick Blinko and Paul Smith) comes in a 12″ sized six panel folder, plus a B2 sized version of the Poster that came with the original.

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