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HARROWED – “Chaotic Nonentity” LP


 SuperFi / Feast Of  Tentacles Records

Includes sticker and download. 2019

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Harrowed  – “Chaotic Nonentity” LP

A new relases for both SuperFi and Feast Of Tentacles Records, and if you’re familiar with either label than you will already know what to anticipate: angst-ridden and heavy, with an edge of metal (but a polar opposite of conventional heavy metal). This follows up their debut album Into Inferno that came-out back in 2013. A Kent based trio who, over time have evolved their own individual take on Converge/Trap Them/Cursed. A lean, mean, killing (yourself) machine. Blood and sweat on a concrete floor. Mind your head under the iron girders and rusty chains, it’s hard to see in the dark. You’re probably going to hurt yourself…

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