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FRAIL BODY – “A Brief Memoriam” LP


Deathwish Inc.

Gold in clear vinyl ‘Indie Store Exclusive’. 2019

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Frail Body – “A Brief Memoriam” LP

FromĀ  Illinois, USA, this is Frail Body’s vinyl debut. A Brief Memoriam combines four new songs with their sought after At Peace (demo tape) session into one proper album. A fresh, young band who embody why I still love screamo: intense, vein popping vocals over what is essentially hardcore punk – but hardcore-punk that has been granted the breathing space to push-out into other styles – whether increasing the speed and instensity into blackened metal and power violence; or more melodic string-picking post rock contemplation. As well as being cathartic, it’s liberating, and musically progressive – qualities that Frail Body have nailed with keen-minded precision. They ain’t short of a skillfull musical chop or two, either. And it’s on Deathwish, so the production sounds fucking great. If screamo has ever tickled your fancy, for you this is essential.

A Brief Memoriam by Frail Body

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