ALMIGHTY WATCHING – “Doubtless” 7″


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Black vinyl, (200 copies). 2022

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Almighty Watching – “Doubtless” 7″

The debut 7″ by a hardcore band that should be a name to watch-out for in months/years to come. Almighty Watching, from Connecticut, feature members of Triple-B Records’ Glory as well as members of underground powerviolence troop Kidnapped – but that is not a helpful indicator, (and neither especially is the Bad Brains reference in the namesake) for their vibe is all about letting a mid-paced groove deliver the goods. Speed is kept to a minimum. Instead, this is the kind of highly expressive hardcore that delivers all of its weight with calculated restraint and precision. Reminiscent of the earnest old school post-hardcore (that was never called post-hardcore at the time) of Burn, or Supertouch, Stillsuit, Worlds Collide, Ressurection, and Absolution too – all equal in intensity to any other hardcore bands out there, just dropping the bombs with a different kind of pace, thereby giving it even more of an emotional whallop. Consequently, Almighty Watching fit in with modern bands like Fury, One Step Closer and Praise.

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