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CENOTAPHE – “Empyree” LP


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Black vinyl limited to 400 copies. 2019

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Cénotaphe – “Empyree” LP

A French black metal duo who manage to rise above some of the more obvious trappings that mars so much of the genre. Drawing on some high-brow inspirations, and (I’m excited to report) they cover “End of the World” by the 1960’s Greek prog pioneers, Aphrodite’s Child! It’san expansive sound, with undertows of melody, assisted by occasional orchestral keyboards and “imbued with tragic majesty and glorious despair”. The vocals and lyrics are in French – which I can’t translate. So they could be complete idiots, or dodgepots… I hope not… The cover art is particulary great, and there are some genuinely exciting moments within the music.


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