FLUX OF PINK INDIANS – “Strive To Survive…” Double LP


One Little Indian

Gatefold sleeve, duble vinyl, includes insert and  download. 2013

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Flux Of Pink Indians – “Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible”  Double LP

Second wave punk rock, and first wave anarcho-punk from Hertfordshire, 1980. This was Flux’s 1983 debut full-length LP, released by themselves on their own Spiderleg Records, following-on from the hugely successful debut 7″, Nue Smell released the year before on Crass Records. This 21st century re-mastered repress has the same gatefold sleeve, but with the addition of a second record, which contains demo versions of (most) the LP tracks. How kind has history been to Flux Of Pink Indians? Compared to the attention still lavished upon their comrades-in-arms Crass, they are certainly overlooked. Which is unfair. Back in the early 1980s they were incredibly popular and influential –  thet were pioneers, way ahead of their time, who spread ethical and environmental concerns and issues to a generation of rebellious teen-punks. The number of people who turned vegetarian as a consequence of hearing the lyrics of Flux, is likely to be hundreds of thousands. And if you want the original template for DIY punk philosophy then look no further than the track Take Heed. Flux Of Pink Indian’s name and imagery was hand-painted upon the jackets worn by youths in every town, village and city the length and breadth of the land. And all these years later, you can still hear why – passionate invectives shouted over thumping tribal beats, with torrential, multi-layered guitars – more electrically-overdriven and feedback-drenched than anyone had dared to attempt before. Angry pogo-hippies of time past, still sound vital and exciting.

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