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Black vinyl, 700 copies, includes insert. 2017

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Fall Of Efrafa – “Owsla” LP

The pioneers of (whatever you call) the post-rock meets hardcore/crust punk (of the type that has been utilised by Svalbard, Oathbreaker, Baptists etc. ever since), Brighton’s Fall of Efrafa were there first; throwing forth an epic wall of devasting heaviness that was heroically unfraid of unleashing the occassional outbreak of mellow cello (for added tension and melodrama); equally unafraid of referencing children’s literature on the theme of bunny rabbits. The end result could have been a disaster; the fact that they managed to pull it all off with such aplomb belatededly earns all those that were involved a well deserved medal and a warm handshake. Salute.
This is the repress of the first album by Germany’s Alerta Antifascista Records (the 7th pressing!), staying true to the graphics/inserts of the original that was released in 2006 by themselves and several other collaborative¬† record labels.

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