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Light blue/light yellow mix, 300 copies. 2020

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Oathbreaker – “Ease Me & 4 Interpretations” LP

Credit to Oathbreaker, expanding on their sound into new majestic, wide-screen dimensions, but without making commercial compromises.┬áContinuing their evolution, and becoming one of the more intriguing heavy bands out there today. The song “Ease Me” was initially released as part of the Adult Swim’s “Metal Swim 2” compilation in 2019. The track now sees a proper physical release along with diverse remixes/reinterpretations from Jesu (Justin Broadrik), Chelsea Wolfe, Wife, and Michael A. Muller. So yes, although this is one song served up five different ways, each interpretation is utterly distinct from the other, listening to it in it’s entirety is as satsifying and as well rounded an experience as many full-length albums by other bands – making this a really remarkable project, well worth investigating. This version is the Deathwish Exclusive, limited to 300 copies.

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