DAWN RAY’D – “Behold Sedition Plainsong” LP


Prosthetic Records

Gatefold sleeve, black vinyl. 2019

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Dawn Ray’d – “Behold Sedition Plainsong” LP

The second full-length from this Liverpool-based harsh-metal trio. A rush of pure black metal, sure enough, and with occassional violin-led folk interludes that are in keeping with the tropes of the genre, but their shared backgound in DIY hardcore punk/screamo is never concealed –  incorporating both an open-minded, range of stylistic influences, along with a humanitarian/politically progressive set of ethical values. This is less inclined to inspire church burning (despite the front cover photo!); it’s more likely you’ll feel inspired to punch the desperate-minded half-wit who would attempt a life threatening act of arson.

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