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Black vinyl, limited to 800. Includes download. 2017

Bugg by Bugg

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Bugg – self-titled LP

A new, young band from Bloomington, Indiana. Their first release. A 10-song record that steals big influences from ’90s alternative rock. Taking the slacker-stoner vibe of Dinosaur Jr especially; and then adding the more contemporary bouncy hardcore-grunge-vibe of Drug Church. Culture Abuse and Title Fight are similar bed-fellows, too. The detatched, laid-back vocal style (strangely appealing – kind of like a good singer trying to sing badly. Which is marginally better than a bad singer trying to sing well. If ya’ get my meaning…) belies a youthful enthusiasm and joyful energy. And the tunes are B I G. I feel like this is a record that has yet to find its audience, at least here in the UK, so if you dig Drug Church – or loud, heavy pop in general – definitely check this out…

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