BEAST – “Power Metal” 12″ EP


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Limited to 400. 2019


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The Beast – “Power Metal” 12″ ep

An official reissue of a scarce and collectible 7″ obscurity from 1983, now made available again on a one-sided 12″. A deceptive record in that it is far less metal than it’s initial impression – yes , there is some good-natured, overtly-metal guitar wanking going-on, but, first listen and i’m thinking to myself, hey, this is great early American hardcore punk, and wow, it reminds me of Chronic Sick… and now, interestingly, I discover that Mutha Records released both this “Power Metal” 12″ and Chronic Sicks’ classic “Cutest Band In Hardcore” 12″. It makes total sense. If you’re looking for a lost classic of new wave heavy metal you will not be dissapointed with what you hear, but also, I should add, you will not be getting what you expected (and if you like early DOA and Misfits you’ll be a creamed-out cat).


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