DADDY’S BOY – “Great News” LP


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Black vinyl, includes download. 2022

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Daddy’s Boy – “Great News” LP

Trying to work-out the debut album by this new agit-punk band is quite a challenge… which, in this instance is a good thing. Being challenged (and then rewarded) is a positive thing… The fact that Daddy’s Boy are based in Chicago, Illinois is totally relevant – as they have an energetic loud-‘n-fast approach to their music, which you would struggle to label as straight-forward hardcore, that, instead, fits with the noise-rock of Touch & Go Records (a little Jesus Lizard, Shellac… The Ex, too). And the fact that this has been recorded by Steve Albini is also very relevant. I’m not sure exactly what he was doing with the production here, but he made some interesting choices, and it makes you ear work a little harder, while simultaneously drawing you in… The vocals are compelling too – they are neither sung or screamed; more like a vitriolic rant from a high-wired, expressive individual, and like with Chat Pile, you are entranced by the words that you hear. And you probably need to hear this album…

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