BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD – “Ants from Up There” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, black 140g vinyl, includes lyric booklet. 2021

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Black Country, New Road – “Ants from Up There” Double LP

Climbing from strength to strength, the new full-length album from this young London-based seven-piece (or is it six-piece now?), gaining a great deal of attention, and deservedly so. A very clever post-punk/post rock re-imagining of the sounds and styles laid down previously by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Rachels and Slint, but with an additional commercial accessibility that brings to mind Arcade Fire and Neutral Milk Hotel. Very self-assured, with confident musicianship and ambitious song composition, but barely concealed is an endearing fragility and awkward nervousness, not unlike the vibes conjured-up by Brian McMahan on Spiderland, or Mewithoutyou’s Aaron Weiss. Slight trace of the Cardiacs, too, which is always welcome (yeah, I’m making notes).

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