USA NAILS – “Character Stop” LP


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Black vinyl. 2020

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USA Nails – “Character Stop” LP

While the likes of Idles​, Shame, Fontaines DC ​and ​Fat White Family recieve the aduration and praise of the mainstream press (and lamestream UK music media, what’s left of it), USA Nails carry on doing they have always done – writing smart, incisive lyrics backed by high-explosive noise rock. Outsiders, true to the cause, happy (I imagine) to plow their own furrow through the indie noise landscape. They share a few similarities with the afore mentioned bands, for sure, but hold ’em up, they all sound weak and inspid by comparison, because USA Nails come out as the faster, louder, real deal. The angrier, sharper-witted punks hands down win it.

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