HEY COLOSSUS – “Dances/Curses” Double LP


Wrong Speed Records

Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl, smoky-lime/somky-red. 2020

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Hey Colossus – “Dances/Curses” Double LP

This crew of cosmic voyageurs have quietly been getting on with the business of being a very loud experimental rock band for many years now. It must be very liberating being a member of Hey Colossus (and satanknows there’s been a fair few of them members over the years): doing whatever the hell you like, with no fucks given, (and probably not enough credit taken). If Pink Floyd were DIY punks who grew-up on Sonic Youth and Loop, they would sound something like this. National treasures? more like an extraordinary archeological-dig of the future, discovering a gurning skull with three eye sockets. This new, 2020 full-length (their sixty-fourth, give or take one or fifty) has been pressed by their own in-house label, Wrong Speed, and this version is the limited indie store exclusive. And it looks amazing. Worth mentioning: also features a guest vocal from Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan – who does a mesmerizing Godspeed-style talk-over. Took til 2021 for me to discover one of my favourite records of 2020.

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