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Hondartzako Hondakinak – “Bruiarta” LP

Although active since 2011, this is the first full-length from this trio who are based in the Basque Country. The feedback, growling bassline and tribal beats of the intro let you know that your in for something, but you don’t know what…. and the guitar builds up layer after layer, and then the whole lot tumbles magnificently arse-over-tit down the stairs, rearranging itself into a psychotic beast that stampedes off down the street. Fucking insane. The rush of noise is Jerry’s Kids’ Is This My World colliding with the chaos and sonic-scorch of old Finnish hardcore (Kaaos or Bastards). And the slower, reptitive moments build up a sense of impending doom that reminds me of Anti-Mob; as too does the roar of politicised rage. There is a closeness to Anti-Mob’s recent LP and 7″ in the visual aesthetic of the sleeve art as well. (If they teamed-up the two bands would compliment each other so well). Topped off with a zine-style lyric booklet, fan-bloody-tastic. Just give me some time to correctly remember their name…

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