65DAYSOFSTATIC – “One Time For All Time” LP


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Sepia vinyl with cream splatter (500 copies) includes 12-page colour booklet and download. 2020

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65daysofstatic – “One Time For All Time” LP

The long running Sheffield-based instrumental math/post-rock band with a recent repress of their second album that was released back in 2005. Cinematic soundscapes in a similar style to Mogwai, but given a hefty kick up the arse with some drum’n’bass propulsion. And still sounding fresh seventeen years later. An unrelenting and euphoric rush of skittish electronic beats colliding with squalls of guitar noise, film-score keyboards, and broken-laptop glitches.
Comes with large 12-page colour booklet containing the images and titles of all 1000 individual Polaroid photos taken for a 1000 pressing of the ‘Radio Protector 7” single (from 2006), each with a unique cover.

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