HUNDREDS OF AU – “A Briefing on the Human Condition” LP


Patient Zero / Zegema Beach Records

‘Moon Stone Blue’ vinyl, . 2022

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Hundreds Of AU – “A Briefing on the Human Condition” LP 12” EP

More technical screamo hardcore from this New Jersey four piece, quickly following-up the Acting From Remote Satellites full-length LP of 2021. Featuring members of You And I, Hell Mary, The Assistant, Capacities, Estella, Lesser Minds, and Every Scar Has A Story (and plenty more!). Blending post hardcore with 00’s screamo, in waves of chaotic sound surging with emotional intensity. Desperate and cathartic. Honestly, I think that screamo was one of the first, and also most exciting, innovations in music of the 21st century – yeah, even though it began years before the millennium (somewhere circa the first Heroin 7″) –  and it warms the heart of my cockles to know that it is still confidently carrying itself forward into new sounds, decades later. Amen.

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