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Yellow vinyl (400 copies), with 12″ booklet and download. 2022

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Corrosion of Conformity – “Technocracy” LP

The 12″ Ep that followed-up 1985’s album, Animosity. The Technocrazy 12″ EP was released in 1987, representing a very clear and precise demonstration of what 80’s crossover was all about, you’re hard pushed to find a better example. Joining the core three piece of this classic C.O.C. era was vocalist Simon Bob Sinister, fresh out of fellow North Caroliner hardcore outfit, Ugly Americans. A brief tenure in C.O.C., but he did a fine job of it, shame he didn’t stick around for longer. The comparison to the earlier three-piece line up can be heard on this reissue due to the inclusion of four (older) tracks from before the four-piece days: a super fast version of “Intervention”, and earlier versions of three tracks that appeared on the original 12″ (satisfyingly different, and closer in style to Animosity). The sleeve art follows the design used for the CD reissue that was circulating around the 1990s – it’s not as good as the original vinyl version, but speaking as a BIG fan of that record, I love hearing the four additional tracks that this new version offers. Mike Dean is not just an amazing bass player; his ferral vocal style is classic hardcore snarl and menace.

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