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BIG CHEESE – “Punishment Park” LP


Qualty Control / Triple B

Black vinyl, 500 copies. 2020

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Big Cheese – “Punishment Park” LP

The UK has it’s currrent big-hitter on the international stage and it is Big Cheese – here with their debut (proper) full-length at last. Classic New York influenced hardcore punk by way of contemporary Leeds. Metallic flourished are kept to a minimum, this is fast riffin’ hardcore punk through and through – more Age Of Quarrel than it is Best Wishes by a long chalk; but where Age Of Quarrel had that Bad Brains influenced rhythm and swing, Big Cheese are more akin to the blunter edge of Rest In Pieces, Judge and In Effect era Sick Of It All (although Bad Brains undoubtedly remain anĀ  influence, too). And holy grail, this is a tourniquet tight. Lethal with it’s precision. Phwoar. Absolutely, several steps-up from your familiar UK hardcore, not least because of the production – studio hands knew exactly whay they were doing.

Punishment Park by Big Cheese

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