CROM – “The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989” LP


To Live A Lie Records

Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2023

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Crom – “The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989” LP

L.A.’s Crom were an amalgamation of thrash, grindcore, sludge and power violence – all distilled from a 90’s scene that had revolved around labels such as Bovine, Rhetoric and Pessimiser; uncompromising and fiercely uncommercial bands who would gather together for Slap A Ham’s legendary ‘Fiesta’ events at Gillman Street. Good, therapeutic times for crushing negativity. In 2023, To Live A Lie Records has taken the original masters of Crom’s debut full-length that originally arrived in 2001 on CD only, probably not picked-up by that many people, it was an elusive album, but many of use will instantly recognise the iconic sleeve artwork that we would have noticed in zine adds back in the day – an axe wielding, scantily clad warrior atop a polar bear in an artic wasteland. It’s just everything you could ask for, in one.

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