DEATH TOLL 80k – “The Future Is Yours” LP


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Single-sided black vinyl with etching, (490 copies), includes stencil. 2021

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Death Toll 80k – “The Future Is Yours” LP

The latest 12″ by this long-serving (since 2005) hardcore/grindcore band from Finland. This is a step-up soundwise compared to the previous full-length that was released by Svart Records in 2017. Breakneck blastbeats, with hard-grooving breakdowns, and gutteral growls that contrast with higher pitched screams. This recording reminds me of Nasum and RJC – in that it is musically tight and precise, plus each of the nine tracks are discernable as individual songs, and not just a muddy blur of speeding noise. Pressed on one sided vinyl, with an etching on the B-side, and also comes with a laser cut stencil for the spray can artists out there. Yeah, Banksy lives.

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