DEVIATED INSTINCT – “Terminal Filth Stench-Core” LP


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Black and white vinyl )100 copies). 2022

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Deviated Instinct  – “Terminal Filth Stench-Core” LP

The Norwich scarecrow punks of the late 80s, with their second demo tape, released on vinyl for the first time. Recorded on an 8-track in someone’s spare bedroom, (as was the DIY spirit of the age, back in 1986) and marking their progression away from anarcho punk into the realms of Celtic Frost influenced metallic hardcore punk. D.I. were part of the second generation of black clad scruffbags that followed in the wake of Antisect and Amebix, (along with Doom, Hellbastard, Axegrinder, Mortal Terror etc.). A recording that is essential for scholars of UK punk of the 1980s, providing a great opportunity to own a decent copy of this landmark release. Remastered by Bri Doom, dusted-off and repackaged with new artwork by the in-band creative talent, Mid.

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