BIB – “Deluxe” LP


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Coloured vinyl. 2023

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Bib – “Deluxe” LP

The debut album by Nebraska’s noise-nik trouble-makers. Earlier 7″s on Deranged Records were merely an  indication of what Bib would become: the loud, simplistic, smash-bash aggression combined with that volatile sense of  unhinged wildness is still very much at the forefront on this 9 track LP, but the songs are also more crafted, and cunningly constructed. Along with the intentional chaos and ugliness there’s a new tension between smart and simple, like really, truth be told, these guys can write and play music to a high level, but they’re trying, (and failing) to conceal it. And that is a fab dynamic. The echo-chamber vocals remind me of Faith, which is a bonus. Lots to like here, definite crowd pleaser… Finally repressed for 2023!

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