GULCH – “Burning Desire… “ 10″


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red/ beer/white/ black splatter 10″ vinyl, limited to 1000 copies. 2020

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Gulch – “Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath//Demolition Of Human Construct“ 10″

This 10″ compiles both the band’s debut 7″, Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath, which sold out quickly on it’s release in 2018, and their debut demo cassette. From San Jose/Santa Cruz, California, Gulch share members with Drain, Hands Of God, and Spinebreaker. like a more feral version of Gatecreeper and Hatred Surge, with a touch of Hoax/S.H.I.T./Bib craziness. A band on the ascendance, watch out. This is the fifth press, on red/ beer/white stripes (with black splatter) vinyl!

Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath by Gulch

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