CROWN COURT – “Capitol Offence” LP


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Silver vinyl with white swirl. 2024

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Crown Court – “Capitol Offence” LP

The Modern Punk sounds of London… or at least, it was modern in 2016 when this debut album was originally released. Still sounding fresh, vibrant and catchy on this silver vinyl repress of 2024. Bands in this day and age who have adopted the Oi! identity always bring out the cynic in me. I almost want to do a sneering ‘mock rock’ type jibe, just like Bob Harris, seconds after a brilliant set by The New York Dolls on the Whistle Test. You remember. Back in the post war years. I nearly spilt my Ovaltine. But I don’t mock, because, like Bob Harris, I would look like a smug fool. I might not be a fan of Oi! music/culture – “Oi!” is, more than anything, what British people shout when their pet dog misbehaves – but, damnit, these modern/recent bands do it ten times better than most of those dreary, IQ sapping, Gary Bushell bands of the 1980’s. And as a straight-forward punk rock record, this is pretty damn splendid, and the Wilko Johnson guitar stylings are especially great. 

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