DEATH RIDGE BOYS – “Society Overdose” 7″


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Black vinyl, includes insert. 2023

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Death Ridge Boys – “Society Overdose” 7″

Hot off the heels of their recent Too Much Bullshit full-length on TKO, these guys are back on their old label for another fine EP of rabble-rousing boot-boy anthems. I don’t have a huge amount of time for Oi! influenced bands, especially when they’re Americans. For a start, only Brits, and never Americans, say “Oi” in their day-to day conversations.  Americans always say “hey”. And “Hey!” would be an exceedingly daft musical label. However, anything that ex members of Talk Is Poison produce is bound to be the bee’s knuckles and knees, and their love of ’80s Oi! aside, this is great anthemic punk rock, with gruff aggression, big tunes, and a very satisfying guitar tone.

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