PLANET ON A CHAIN – “Boxed In” LP (red)


Revelation Records

Red vinyl (700 copies), 2023

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Planet On A Chain – “Boxed In” LP

Oakland punk rock lifers blasting out eleven tracks of frantic hardcore rage on their debut full-length. After two previous 7″ EPs, this LP also counts as their debut record for Revelation Records. P.O.A.C’s style is a culmination of their previous band associations, and its a legacy that stretches back over the years and covers some formidable names: Talk Is Poison, Dead And Gone, Look Back And Laugh, Mutilated Tongue, Needles, Punch, Shit Coffins, Dead Nation, Tear It Up… and that’s missing out quite a few others, the list goes on. But, add ’em all up, and you get an accurate notion of the high-energy commotion that is P.O.A.C. – fast, tight, punchy thrash-outs, with tasty breakdowns and righteous punk fury. New pressing now available on opaque red vinyl with updated cover artwork.

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