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18ogram vinyl, includes poster. 2021


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Blood Incantation – “Starspawn” LP

The debut album of 2016 from one of the world’s more credible death metal bands active today/2021. Cosmic themed, prog influenced, grindcore-metal that stretches physical endurance to new heights of technical musicianship. The end result, rather than being merely indulgent ego-muso, is genuinely transformative and mind altering. An eldritch horror of a band – that sound like they have burst through the gates from another dimension (aka Denvor, Colorado), and have then, for the duration of their record, abducted you back into their terrifying extraterrestrial abyss. “The intense and otherworldly technical/ambient/funeral death metal of Starspawn leaves the listener feeling transcendentally disembodied at the end of an unknown dimension.” True.
Originally released by Dark Descent, and now made available in Europe on Century Media.

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