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BIG UPS – “Before A Million Universes” LP


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Limited Purple, includes download. 2016

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Big Ups – “Before A Million Universes” LP

New York post-rock/noise-rock outfit who wear their influences on their sleeves: Fugazi, Rodan, Slint and Bitch Magnet. They definitely have studied the Spiderland playbook pretty damn hard, which is exactly what makes this, their second full-length, such an absolute winner: plenty of hushed-to-shouty vocals, quiet-to-loud dynamics, well-timed harmonics and down strums; and tension, lots of tension – both sonically and emotionally. The previous debut album of 2014, Eighteen Hours of Static, was more of an aggresive hardcore affair; their third and most recent album, Two Parts Together, is more abstract and a bit too formulaic. This one, from 2016, hits the spot perfectly, especially if you’re a fan of the key drivers of the math rock genre.

Before A Million Universes by Big Ups

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