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ENFORCED – “At The Walls” Deluxe Edition LP


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Black vinyl with grey merge/or ‘Bone Splatter’ (200 copies), includes poster. 2022

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Enforced – “At The Walls” Deluxe Edition LP

Formed in 2016, Enforced infuses their own volatile, hardcore fury into the hardcore/thrash/crossover sound of the late-’80s. Equal parts Cro-Mags, Sepultura and Integrity (and suitably, one track features guest vocals from Integ’s vocalist, Dwid Hellion). Tight, powerful riffing and unrelentingly hard head-banging rhythms. This will crush you.
The good news: this is back in press for 2022, very limited, and now comes with a new 24 x 36 poster. The bad news: it’s wet-eyeballs expensive.

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