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ENVY – “Atheist’s Cornea” LP


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Envy – “Atheist’s Cornea” LP

Representing some of their more progressive work, Atheist’s Cornea, (their sixth full-length album, and released in 2015) follows on from 2010’s Recitation. Exhibiting exactly the same dynamic, emotionally charged epics for which they have always be renowned; abstract words that are spoken, sung and screamed; instrumentation that navigates elemental blasts of sonic fury, surging from impenetrable noise to poetic, pin-drop introspection. But also showcasing some new turns for Envy, with passages of huge, widescreen, orchestral experimentation – too good for any blockbuster that any film studio could ever make. This was also the last recording to feature the original drummer and guitarist, so, the ending of an era, before the more recent revamped ressurection, to be heard on Last Wish and The Fallen Crimson. Worth it alone for the majestic pop brilliance of the track “Footsteps In The Distance”.

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