GOLGOTHAN REMAINS – “Perverse Offerings to the Void” LP


Sentient Ruin / Nuclear Winter Records

Black vinyl limited to 400 copies. 2019

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Golgothan Remains – “Perverse Offerings to the Void” LP

Wholly identifiable as pure death metal, but these guys from Sydney, Australia, add an intriguing layer of progressive, new sounds. The vocals are of the traditional putrid-spew variety, the rhythms are super aggressive and tight, especially on the blast beats; while the guitars mix their trad riffing with disonnant, weird-as-fuck guitar chords (almost black metal, almost Tragedy). The end result lifts this up  into the prog/transcendential realms occupied by Blood Incantation.  An album that is now regarded as one of the high points in underground metal of the past few years. Back in press.

Perverse Offerings To The Void by Golgothan Remains

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