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Red ranslucent 180 gram vinyl, hand numbered (1000 copies), includes insert. 2022

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Black Train Jack – “No Reward” LP

One of the less celebrated or recognised bands of 1990s New York hardcore, in part because they were more aligned to a melodic (almost poppy) punk vibe (think: Gorilla Biscuits meets Descendants), and also, I don’t think being signed to Roadrunner helped their cause too much either. Which is a shame cos it’s a good’un. I first came across Black Train Jack due to their stand-out offering (the track “No Reward” – a classic slow-burner anthem) on an otherwise forgettable compilation album put out by Victory Records (1993’s Only The Strong MCMXCIII). I later caught them supporting Sick Of It All on one of their early UK tours –  a natural enough pairing as I believe Black Train Jack had strong NYHC roots – Token Entry and H2O, if I remember right. Sadly, vocalist Rob Vitale passed away in 2021, such an incredible soulful singer – all the more reason to stock-up on this limited edition 2022 reissue of their 93 debut.

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