CRO-MAGS – “Best Wishes” LP


Astor Place / BFD

Black vinyl. 2023

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Cro-Mags – “Best Wishes” LP

The second album by the New York hardcore/crossover band, released on Profile Records in 1989. An album that struggled against the odds: the influence of Hare Krishna, the departure of John Joseph and Mackie, and the unashamed attempts at replacing the hard-core with the hard-rock (a transition that never really worked for anyone, especially in the late ’80s when many first rate hardcore bands went second rate heavy metal). Solid in terms of a sound quality, this is a thrash album that stands the test of time pretty damn well, and was probably a big influence on a number of bands; but, lacking the street aggression, well-honed songs, and swinging grooves that combined to make Age Of Quarrel so special.

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