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FIREBURN – “Don’t Stop The Youth” 12″ EP


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Third Press, 1000 Ultra Clear Vinyl, includes download. 2017


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Fireburn – “Don’t Stop The Youth” 12″ EP

 The debut 12″ EP that came seemingly out of nowhere at the end of 2017, featuring one of the most insane and impressive line-up pedigrees of, well, ever:  the late and legendary Todd Youth on bass (started out in Agnostic Front, then Warzone, then Murphys Law, then Danzig… etc.), Israel Joseph I on vocals (a ‘rasta singer born in Trinidad’ and Bad Brains vocalist – and very capable HR replacement – from 1991 to 1994), Nick Townsend on guitar (currently/formerly of Deadbeat and Knife Fight) and the formidable Todd Jones on guitar (currently of Nails and previously in Terror etc.). There’s no denying the strength of the Bad Brains influence over Fireburn – and just like Bad Brains before them this is one of those records, so damn good, it reaches across all generations and different hardcore/punk sub groups. To be universally appreciated and celebrated. RIP Todd.

Don’t Stop The Youth by Fireburn

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