BL’AST! – “Blood!” LP


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Gatefold sleeve, black vinyl. 2013

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Bl’ast! – “Blood!” LP

In early 2013 the guitarist of Bl’ast!, Mike Neider, uncovered some old master tapes in a storage locker that turned out to be alternate versions of tracks that appeared on the classic hardcore-skate-punk album of 1987, It’s In My Blood. This lost and found self-created Bl’ast recording was repaired and then sent to Dave Grohl for a studio remix. The end result is pretty close to the SST version of Its In My Blood that we all know and love, but, significantly, these versions include the previously unheard guitar tracks from William Duvall (from Neon Christ/Alice In Chains). Due to his short lived tenure within the band this is the only Bl’ast recording he was able to make. And the extra guitar does fill out the sound with an extra sense of attack and intensity. Providing us all with a rewarding opportunity to revisit an old favourite, different and improved. Blood also features a track – “Your Eyes – that did not appear on the SST version (but did turn up later on the Schools Out 7″).
Ive said it once, I’ll say it again: the best thing that Black Flag gave us – was… Bl’ast!!!

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