ENVY – “The Fallen Crimson” Double LP


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Includes booklet. 2020

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Envy – “The Fallen Crimson” Double LP

Twenty years after their inception Envy entered a stagnation period when some original members left the band at the end of 2015. But vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa came back two years later and the band was revived and invigorated with three new members. This first album from the “Envy 2.0” era is desperately intense, overwhelmingly beautiful and violently destructive, all at the same time – and therefore true to the spirit of their previous seven full-length albums (and countless other releases); and also pushing harder into new, lighter, melodies when appropriate. I think the break did them the world of good. And although I think the previous album, Atheist’s Cornea, from 2015 is a great record, this new one offers a broader range of brighter sounds (with the saucey addition of lovely female vocals), satisfyingly refreshed but still instantly recognisable as Envy at their most glorious. Fucken’ love this band.

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