FLESH EATERS – “No Questions Asked” LP


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The Flesh Eaters – “No Questions Asked” LP

One of the more mysterious and less celebrated of the forefathers of American punk. All I ever knew of The Flesh Eaters was their contribution to the soundtrack of the wonderful punk-horror movie Return Of The Living Dead. Finally catching-up, I now realise what I’ve missed-out on. Defining the term ‘cult classic’, this debut album was released in 1980 by Upsetter Records, and now Mono Records re-pressed a deluxe version of No Questions Asked with 10 additional bonus tracks including the “Disintegration Nation” 7″, the three tracks from the Tooth And Nail compilation, and never-before-on-vinyl demos. All restored under the direction of The Flesh Eater’s frontman, Chris D. – the definitive reissue of the last great, lost Los Angeles punk band.

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