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Bed Maker – self-titled LP

Agitational post punk from Washington DC, formed by members of Light Beams, Kid Congo Powers, The Crownhate Ruin, 1.6 Band, Insect Factory, Time Is Fire and fronted by Amanda MacKaye (Desiderata, Routineers). Musically, this is familiar territory for fans of Dischord Records – taught, rhythm-lead dynamics, bringing to mind The Warmers, Fire Party and Fugazi. While the true stand-out factor that makes Bed Maker special is Amanda MacKaye’s captivating vocals – mastering the same impassioned power and self-assured range cultivated by Kathleen Hanna and even Eve Libertine. And retaining an essence that is uniquely and recognisably MacKaye. It’s a family affair, and this album is a natural accompaniment alongside recent albums by Coriky and Hammered Hulls. Equally as good. 

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